When I was retired, I’ve promised to myself, that I will prepare my whole everyday needings such as breads and also mouisturizing creams.
This was the decision taken by me,  after  have bought 50 cc  moisturizing  cream some years ago, which has made of full of chemicals, and cost me a fortune at my heydays.
After a while, if you believe in coincidences like me, I have came across a book at the old book store, consisting of  how to make a homemade mouisturizing creams and cosmetics.
Internet was not as common as now,  the books were good friends of mine on this long journey. That was the very early of my “crocus naturals”  story.
You should see my very first home made mouisturizing cream trials. My family and  my husband were always  with me and gave me a full support  but they were a bit worried about  my business future success .
Now it has been sixteen  years, and here I am.  🙂
By the way, we have achieved one of our greatest dream and moved from Istanbul to Dalyan, Mugla three years ago with my family of course. My Daughter, Ada ,9 years old, riding with her bycycle to the primary school every single day. Although our life seems a bit  unsustainable, we are so happy to live in that way.  It is  great to be in the nature as soon as you stepped out the door, an able to  reach to all kind of plants and flowers such as aloe vera, cranberry, nettle in our garden… It’s just a priceless life for us.
When we moved to Dalyan I have met some extra ordinary foreigner women who lives in Dalyan area  and we have started to share almost everything about our lives with eachother. They were keep asking  about my “beautiful skin” and which cosmetics am ı appyling to my skin in our every single meeting, then ı was the one who started to look myself in the mirror,  to my “beautiful” skin every other day. I have told them, that ı apply my homemade eye serum and moisturizing cream every day for 16 years. My intelligent Hollandese friend Sonja asked me, why don’t ı sell them, First I have just laughed about it, but  more compliment ı accept, more ı start thinking about it. And started to make my own ” crocus” home made moisturizing cream and eye serum 2 years ago.
I have started to make ” moisturize workshops”  teaching how to make one,  to our curious neighbours, some nearby places and  in İstanbul. After a while I have decided to stop doing workshops for good and also my friends spread  their good experiments about my goods and as a result “crocus natural” product family  has extended day by day. Now here we are.
If you asked me my success; my answer would be;  being in the nature and becoming nature.
So, haven’t you started to try one of my home, actually, my kitchen made 🙂  pure cosmetic products?
May God bless all of us.  Have a wonderful day.

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